Elaboration and transfer of tensile strained thin films

Published : 24 April 2017

Applying tensile strain in a single semiconductor crystal (eg germanium) is a very promising way to tune it into a direct band gap semiconductor. This basic feature can be applied to major outstanding goals of semiconductor and mainly optoelectronic applications.

The PhD thesis is devoted to the elaboration of a tensile strain thin film of semiconductor on a whole 200 or 300 mm substrate. The first step will consist in the transfer of the thin film onto a flexible substrate. The flexible substrate should allow creating a stress onto the thin film. The resulting stressed film will then be transfer again onto a rigid substrate for next process.

Beyond the development of thoses various transfer process, the work will consist in the characterization of the states of the thin film at each step from the electronic and mechanical points of view (XRD, XPS, TEM…). The characterization technics will be adapted to the configuration of the sample thin film transferred onto a flexible or rigid substrate.

General knowledges in material physics and chemistry are required.

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