Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Scaling Limits of GaN Power Electronics Devices for High Efficiency Converters

Published : 15 July 2019


High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) using a heterostructure built on gallium nitride (GaN) are highly promising in the field of power electronics. GaN is a wide bandgap semiconductor that can withstand high electric fields while allowing low conduction losses due to the high mobility of the carriers in the 2 Dimensional Electron Gas (2DEG) at the heterostructure interface.

Proposed work:

The study will focus on the identification of the size limitations of current devices by using the electrical characterization results of componants with multiple geometries, already fabricated at CEA. Finite element simulations (with SYNOPSYS software) will be performed in order to interpret the electrical results and test multiple hypotheses regarding their physical operation.

Expected results:

The advances achieved regarding the understanding of the devices will be used in order to identify improvements of the architecture studied by simulation. An electrical evaluation of the proposed solutions will be performed after fabrication of the new components in collaboration with the device integration and process development teams.

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