Flexible solid state and ultra-stable supercapacitors based on modified silicon nanostructures

Published : 15 July 2019

The rise of wireless networks and portable electronic devices is generating in developed societies a growing need for increasingly efficient electrochemical microdevices for energy. In recent years, micro-capacitors have undergone considerable development. Capable of delivering large peaks of energy in very short time, for a long life, they make the connection between dielectric capacitors and batteries. Already widely used in emergency aircraft openings, defibrillators, …, their development for flexible and all-solid systems will allow integration on textiles. The combination of modified silicon nanostructures makes it possible to use aqueous electrolytes with a high degree of cyclability. The nanostructures will be realized by the VLS method in a CVD reactor. The nanostructures will then be modified by a conformal deposition of a thin dielectric, it will also be possible to add intrinsic / redox electronic conductor polymers or transition metal oxides in order to greatly increase the performance of the storage devices.

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