Hardware countermeasure techniques of cryptographic algorithms exploiting in-memory computing

Published : 12 March 2020

The LISAN Laboratory (Digital Design & Architecture Laboratory) develops and designs innovative chip systems based on multicore architectures and low-power architectures dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). The field of IoT overcomes many prerequisites, especially in the area of security of autonomous connected objects in energy. New architectures are supposed to be the most energy efficient as possible. The implementation of IoT security must also be guided by the available energy without causing any security breach. An intelligent memory, called C-SRAM, able to perform in memory computing has been designed within the laboratory. The aim of the thesis is to study the possibilities of this memory from the point of view of security. The intrinsic properties of this intelligent memory make it possible to envisage the implementation of several algorithms and in particular new countermeasures against combined physical attacks (side-channels and faults).

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