High-performance TeraHertz detectors for passive imaging

Published : 8 February 2020

The Terahertz (THz, 300 GHz-3 THz) frequency band triggers a high interest in numerous application domains (imaging, spectrometry, industrial inspection and test, surveillance, instrumentation) thanks to the good propagation properties through non-conductive materials, the presence of resonance frequencies typical of numerous molecules, the potential for high spatial resolution, and their non-ionizing properties. CEA-LETI is a world-leading research laboratory in THz technologies and developed several THz detectors and imaging circuits, both cooled and uncooled, for imaging applications. Since 2018, a THz imager developed and manufactured at CEA-LETI is available commercially in the THz camera from i2S (www.i2s.fr/en).

The objective of this PhD thesis is to investigate and develop a new THz detector technology with a significant breakthrough in terms of sensitivity enabling passive imaging applications. The PhD student will work in a team gathering all the expertise, instrumentation and facilities required in this project. He/she will take part in all the activities involved in the development of these new detectors, in particular system studies, design and simulation (thermal, mechanical, electromechanical), fabrication, and characterization.

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