High-resolution TEM magnetic imaging of nanotubes for spintronics

Published : 15 July 2019

The objective of the internship is the study by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of magnetic nanotubes chemically synthesized. We are studying these as model objects to explore the concept of information storage in a 3D magnetic medium, based on the propagation of magnetic walls along one-dimensional structures. Physico-chemical study of the material and magnetic imaging at the nanometer scale will be used to explore and understand the arrangement of domains and domain walls in these systems, whose synthesis has been achieved recently.

The experimental techniques that will be used will be chemical and structural analysis by electron diffraction and high-resolution imaging, magnetic imaging and electron holography, in a transmission electron microscope. The student will perform sample preparation for electron microscopy, the installation of a device for an observation in the microscope, and imaging.

Microscopy will be conducted in close collaboration with INAC-MEM-LEMMA a,d LETI. The work also includes an aspect of processing, interpretation of data and participation in micro-magnetic simulations to assist physical understanding. These will be done in collaboration with the laboratory of simulation group SPINTEC / NEEL.

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