Hyperspectral microscopy and single-shot optical coherence tomography with a static Fourier transform imaging spectrometer

Published : 15 July 2019

Fourier Transform Spectroscopy measures the degree of coherence of light to recover the spectrum. A Fourier Transform spectrometer is said static when the fringe pattern is recorded in a single shot with no displacement of mechanical parts. Recently this concept was extended to Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) for Space applications using a new configuration of static interferometer positioned in front of a focal plane array. Aside from HSI, another possibility that has not yet been investigated is to use this static interferometer for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). This PhD project is a collaboration between the Department of Astrophysics of the University of Grenoble and CEA Leti. We propose to investigate this new OCT approach, and its coupling to HSI in a fast bimodal system that could address many applications in Diagnostic and Bioimaging. The student will work on the development of a microscope integrating this new kind of interferometer, as well as the numerical processing of the interference patterns. Applications from students with a solid background in optics and data processing are welcome. A strong interest in biophotonics, and bioimaging is expected.

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