Innovative mmw receivers architectures and circuits for resilient modulation schemes

Published : 8 February 2020

Existing telecommunication and data communication networks are evolving towards extremelly high capacity and data-rate connections that will require innovative transceiver architectures. For wireless data links, 5G and beyond 5G systems will be required in the next 5 to 10 years abel to provide 100Gb/s or higher data rates by efficiently using the wide spectrum available at millimeter-wave(mmW) frequencies. Traditionnal transceiver architecture that have been used in the past may result too power consuming or simply not performant enough to respond to this challenge. The LETI research institute has been conducting research during the lasts year in the field of innovative modulations schemes and transceiver architectures trying to respond to the abovementined high data-rate in wireless environements considering the limitation imposed by existing electronic devices required to build the transceivers. Currently some solutions have been proposed from a theoretical perspective that need to the be brought forward in order to find optimal implementation with state-of-art technologies for integrated circuits design and fabricatino. This thesis subjet is inscreibed in the continuations of those previous works and will explore the practical implementation of circuits based on innovative modulation schmemes and architectures for hihg-speed, large-bandwidn, imperfection resilient mmW receivers.

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