Integrated Bioelectrodes and Biopolymer-Microneedle Devices for Transdermal Electrochemical Sensing

Published : 8 February 2020

Electrochemical sensors have attracted considerable interest owing to their tremendous promise for portable and rapid monitoring of personal health. Current devices are limited to single analyte detection (mostly glucose) in biofluids over short times using invasive sample collection. In this PhD, we propose to combine electro-enzymatic sensor technology with less-invasive, painless microneedle (MN)-based sampling for rapid detection of different biomarkers (e.g. glucose and nitrate) in interstitial fluid. The goal is to establish a sensitive and convenient platform for analyte detection for better metabolic profiling of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This PhD project will explore the use of hydrogel-forming microneedles (e.g. saccharide-based) coupled with single/dual bioelectrode systems for signal transduction. The mechanical, structural and sensor properties will be characterised and optimised. Toxicity and in-vivo assays will be performed on rodents with first device prototypes. The PhD. Work will be carried out at DTBS CEA Grenoble in collaboration with Dr. Gross from Dpt. Of Molecular Chemistry (UGA). The applicant should hold a Master degree in Chemistry, with focus on polymer chemistry, biomaterials, or electrochemistry.

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