Mechanical and electrical contact study of micro-inserts hybridization

Published : 12 March 2020

In microtechnology, hybridizations are carried out, in particular optical sensor pixel matrix hybridizations on their read circuitry (CMOS). Connections, at each pixel, must be relevant mechanically as well electrically. During the thesis, an innovative process of hybridization based on micro-insertion will be developed and implemented. You should have to design and manufacture micro-inserts (typically nail-shape micro-insert) which have “to be driven” in metal pads (eg aluminum) with good electrical contact and sufficient mechanical strength not to risk any deshybridization.

During the thesis, you will try to model and simulate this micro-insertion. In parallel, in order to evaluate the insertion and de-insertion forces and to evaluate the electrical resistance of connection, two characterization benches should be developed. You will also be involved in the process of hybridization and in the joint optimization of the design – process point.

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