MEMS mirror for LIDAR in autonomous vehicules

Published : 15 July 2019

Optical MEMS (MOEMS) are more and more asked, in particular for the autonomous car, which has to have mapping possibilities in order to detect obstacles (like a LIDAR – “LIGHT Detection And Ranging”). It consists in scanning the environment with a laser beam and in measuring the distance between the LIDAR and the point where is reflected the laser. A micro-mirror can fill advantageously this function, assuring compactness of the system and low production cost.

The goal of this thesis consists in developing a 1D and 2D micro-mirror able to scan the space following two perpendicular directions, in particular for the LIDAR application. For that purpose, first it will be necessary to study the state of the art on micro-mirrors, to understand the specifications linked to the focused application. From these specifications, the candidate will have to investigate the actuation principle (preferentially piezoelectric). After these preliminary studies, and in parallel of the experimental study of 1D micro-mirrors already developed in CEA-LETI, the candidate will have to work on the analytical modelling, and/or the Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation using COMSOL, of new 1D and 2D micro-mirror architectures. The technological realization of demonstrators will be assured by the technological platform of the CEA-LETI. The candidate will participate in the follow-up of the manufacturing and then will performed the electromechanical and optical characterizations of the devices, in order to compare them with specifications. Finally, the student will propose all the optimization and new architectures in order to improve the performances of the devices.

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