New data processing methods for multi-energy photon counting X-ray radiography

Published : 19 April 2017

The LDET laboratory from LETI is currently at the forefront of the development of multi-energy X-ray detectors with high counting rate, for security applications, non-destructive testing and Medicine. These detectors provide the full energy spectrum of measured photons; consequently, new processing algorithms are required to take into account all the available information. First processing bricks have already been developed by the LDET, nonetheless an in-depth work is necessary. For this, the thesis should enable the development of new innovative methodological approaches, based for example on discriminant analysis techniques, in order to optimize the discrimination performance of the overall system. Once this step will be completed, it will be possible to loop back on electronics acquisition part to release constraints on some characteristics that will allow to reduce pixel size and consumption. The candidate must be specialized in signal processing and have good knowledge in physics and instrumentation.

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