Non-invasive multimode analysis of blood components from exhaled breath

Published : 24 April 2017

The objective of this Ph. D. thesis is to design a multimodal system combining an electronic nose, a thorax belt and a patch to get a non-invasive analysis of blood components concentration. The electronic nose will deliver signals to analyse vapours in exhaled breath. The thorax belt and the patch will allow to control the gas exchange between blood and air. One first application will be obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS). The methodology could be enlarged later to other chronic diseases. This Ph. D. thesis belongs to the DTBS healthcare division topics on wearable medical devices and to LETI institute researches dedicated to connected health. The researches to be carried on will cover system analysis, signal processing methodologies and digital, experimental and clinical proofs of concept. From a signal processing stand point, the central question is data fusion to combine the information delivered by each of those devices in order to estimate the blood concentrations and to detect whether somebody is ill. Ph. D. candidate should have a signal processing background. Complementary skills in electronics, physics, and instrumentation will be appreciated. He should be interested in physical experimentation and biomedical engineering.

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