Optical laser waveguides III-V (AsGa/InP) growth directly onto SOI-300mm.

Published : 8 October 2019

For more than 25 years, the heart of telecom networks has become one of the fields of application of the III-V components (InP_like, and AsGa_like). This field is based on the transmission of IR waves in optical fibers, powered by laser sources in III-V materials. Over the past ten years, a new technological path has been developed, based Silicon-Photonics, which makes it possible to lower manufacturing costs by increasing integration (3D integration, Wafer Level Packaging). The approach usually chosen here consists of a molecular bonding of a III-V wafer (epitaxial) on an SOI previously structured optical guides. A technological treatment is then applied to make III-V transmitter guides connected to the silicon guides. Since less than 5 years; a new integration scheme is developing, it is the direct epitaxy of III-V materials on silicon. For 3 years, the CEA / LETI laboratories, already experts in the development of photonics on Silicon by bonding process, have decided to investigate this highly innovative approach with high potential. The proposed thesis will thus rely heavily on the CNRS / LTM laboratory, which has been developing for the last 4 years new MOCVD epitaxial concepts for III-V materials (AsGa base) on textured silicon wafer. This subject of study will enable the establishment of a new roadmap of III-V epitaxy on Silicon, with the aim of designing a new generation of photonic circuits. The PhD student will be involved both in the development of III-V materials on silicon, as well as in the design and realization of photonic circuits 2.0.

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