Piezoelectric MEMS actuator hydraulically amplified

Published : 8 February 2020

The main objective of micro-actuators research is an architecture that can generate large displacements and forces over a wide frequency range, while not consuming a significant amount of electrical power. To date, no solution meets all these criteria. Indeed hydraulic actuators do not meet the criterion of compactness and frequency but allow significant force and displacement. Similarly, electromagnetic actuators have a good frequency range with excellent force and stroke output, but they are generally heavy and require significant electrical current. Piezoelectrics are also known for their excellent operating bandwidth and can generate large forces in a compact size, but traditionally they have very small displacements.

The technological breakthrough of the thesis will consist to develop a hydraulic amplification mechanism, by applying small displacements on a large surface, sa as to move a liquid, and to generate, by conservation of the volume, important displacements on a weaker moving surface.

Therefore, the thesis will consist to develop and integrate into a MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) system, this hydraulically amplified piezoelectric actuator (called HDAM system for “Hydraulic Displacement Amplification Mechanism”) and optimize it

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