Pillared-graphene materials for supercapacitors: from material development to electrical double-layer characterization

Published : 15 July 2019

The goal of the PhD project is to develop pillared graphene matrixes with improved storage performances for supercapacitor (SC). These architectures will be obtained using pillar molecules selected to promote ions intercalation and transport (polarity modification or electrolyte nature). The electrochemical evaluation of the materials will be performed in order to qualify these new systems with respect to other existing carbon material not displaying 2D porosity. The ion transport inside these structure is a key aspect that will be studied notably by the mean of ex-situ and in-situ XPS and ex-situ ss-NMR. This in-depth investigation of the electrical-double layer formation mechanism inside these materials will allow to optimize further the materials and cells (electrolyte choice, pillar nature, conductivity enhancement…); and considering the model-like nature of these materials these studies will also provide new knowledge on ion dynamics inside 2D porosity.

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