Protection of integrated circuits against aging attacks

Published : 24 April 2017

The thesis is related to the field of embedded systems security. Recently, new attacks on integrated circuits exploiting aging mechanisms (in particular the NBTI mechanism) have appeared. The aim of this research project is to investigate hardware or software protection techniques against these aging attacks. As a first step, the PhD student will have to carry out an exhaustive analysis of possible aging attacks, as well as the vulnerability of the circuits to the possible aging attacks. In a second step, he/she will have to analyze the effectiveness of the existing countermeasures and carry out a quantitative and qualitative comparison of these techniques. In a third step, he/she will have to propose new protection techniques specific for the studied attacks. Finally, he/she will have to implement the best protection techniques on a multi-core architecture. The candidate must have experience in the design of embedded systems and knowledge of circuit reliability/safety.

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