Spintronic Wake-Up Radio

Published : 15 July 2019

The increasing number of wireless connected objects and smart sensors requires defining components and operational schemes that drastically reduce the power consumption. Within such communicating networks the RxTx modules are the most power consuming elements. The solution actively searched for is to switch off the main RxTx module when no communication is requested and to use a low power, degraded wake-up radio receiver WuRx that will switch on the main module when receiving an according wake-up signal. The realization of robust and ultralow power WuRx is an active field of research. The thesis proposes to explore RF spintronic devices as such a compact and low power solution. Magnetic tunnel junctions, which are the main spintronics building blocks, are capable to passively convert an RF signal into a DC signal, with frequency selectivity and at relatively high output signal levels. LETI/DACLE and INAC/SPINTEC work together on the realization of such spintroncis based WuRx and the PhD project will be at the interface of the two laboratories. While SPINTEC will realize the devices and optimize their sensitivity to low input signal levels, the thesis will be carried out at LETI/DACLE to realize the corresponding antenna networks and rf electronics. In order to establish the performance parameters the student will first spend some time at SPINTEC to get trained on the characterization of spintronic based rf components. The student will also be involved in the testing of the developed rf circuits with the spintronics components to iteratively optimize the electronic circuits and adapt it to the spintronics device performances.

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