strain characterization by measurement of the degree of polarization of light during processing and use of III V laser for lidar devices

Published : 15 July 2019

Lidar is a teledetection device based on a pulsed laser to create 3D models. Autonomous vehicle development drive intense technological research on this device. To achieve this goal several lidar technological issues have to be solved, especially about the III V laser source integrated on silicon. Indeed II IV laser source have to be designed in order to emit high optical power and support this power during its lifetime. A particular attention will be paid about strain induce during fabrication and use of the laser. In 2019 CEA/LETI and CNRS/LTM developed an original technic based on the measurement of the degree of polarization of cathodoluminescence to monitor strain.

The thesis will be focused on the development of this characterization technic to evaluate strain induce during fabrication or use of III V laser reported on silicon. The research project will be structure in 3 parts: 1- improvement of cathodoluminescnece DOP method, 2- characterization of strain by DOP CL on III V laser for lidar, 3- correlation between strain and laser optical performances.

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