Study and control of Intermetallic compounds formation in indium based interconnects

Published : 8 October 2019

CEALETIDOPT develops photonic components such as micro-displays, or infrared detectors by 3D integration that is a modern way for electronic packaging, where devices are stacked on top of each other or packaged. The electrical, optical and/or thermal connections are created between the stacks and package with the help of interconnects. The interfacial intermetallic (IMC) layer formed at metal/metal interface plays a crucial role in determining the properties and reliability of the joint/interconnect.

In this work, we will focus on IMC formation in indium balls interconnects that becomes an issue (reliability) when fine pitches (below 10µm) are reached. This study will be divided into 3 parts:

– Understanding of IMC formation in current configuration

– Improvement of the configuration so as to control IMC formation

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