Study and reliability of a hybrid capacitor technology

Published : 14 March 2020

The purpose of this thesis is to optimize / stabilize the process for producing hybrid capacities, presenting a combination of unique properties in terms of energy density (ion storage density of the order of 43mJ / mm3) and frequency response (electrostatic mode demonstrated up to 30GHz, in 3D nanoporous structures available in 8 “technologies). The main technological bottlenecks identified are:

– integration steps of the hybrid MIM (Metal Isolant Metal) structure deposited by ALD on wafers comprising 3D nano-structures with very large developed surface, including the related lithography operations,

– electrical modeling of the component properties, in particular under relevant conditions of use (large current / voltage signals and frequency coverage),

– the identification of the component failure modes, the definition and demonstration of techniques for accelerating aging and the extraction of the related lifespan models.

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