Study of integraiton of 2D materials in RF devices

Published : 8 February 2020

Since the discovery of graphene (Nobel pice 2010 by Andre Geim), the enthusiasm for 2D materials has grown steadily. In fact, these materials have very remarquable properties that make them serious candidates to create new generations of high-performance electronic or optoelectronic devices, miniaturization, flexible devices and low energy consumption.

The aim of the thesis is to develop new 2D-based radio frequency (RF) switch concepts for future wireless telecommunications systems. The work is multidisciplinary and will be carried out in close collaboration between two CEA institutes: IRIG will bring its expertise around the growth and characterization of the electrical properties of 2D materials and the LETI will bring its expertise on the integration of thin layers in devices and on design of RF switches.

The Phd candidate will seek to identify the key points of this type of device and to improve our understanding of the mechanisms involved, especially when switching. It will develop the methods of transfer of the material into the device and seek to optimize the electrical contact between the 2D materials and the metal electrodes. Finally, it will develop the technological integration processes of switches in planar or vertical configurations, seeking to ensure compatibility with integration on Si for microelectronics.

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