Study of Vertical GaN Device Architectures

Published : 8 February 2020

LETI is currently transferring an AlGaN/GaN epitaxy-based power device technology on 200mm Silicon wafers to a well-established industrial partner in the field of power devices (Silicon, SiC,…)

Current GaN transistor technologies that are available on the market have a lateral architecture. They allow to render electric power conversion circuits up to the several 10 kilowatt range. The implementation of a vertical architecture will allow to address power ranges above the megawatt.

The work proposed in this PhD will involve a study aiming to evaluate the performance and physical properties at the basis of the operation of vertical devices using GaN substrates. The tasks will involve as well the management of the device fabrication (epitaxy, deposition, lithography, implantation) and electrical measurements. Finite element simulations (TCAD using Synopsys tools) will be performed in order to tune the dimensions of structures that will be included in a mask set and subsequently be used to test physical hypotheses to interpret the electrical results.

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