VHF voltage regulated converter incorporating innovative passive components

Published : 18 January 2022

The aim of the thesis is to develop a very high frequency voltage regulated converter (> 10 MHz) and exploiting innovative passive components. The increase in frequency allows the use of smaller passive components in value, size and weight. Indeed, the higher the frequency is, the lower the energy is stored and exchanged per cycle, the lower the volume of the inductor and / or capacity is and the higher the power density of the converter is. Moreover, a high switching frequency allows a faster converter response to operating condition changes (shorter response time).

However, when the converters operate at more than 10MHz, commonly used structures, even conventional resonant structures, are no longer suitable even via Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS). This is why a new inverter topology, breaking with half or full bridge topologies is being considered.

The objective of the thesis is to make VHF structures usable for common purposes by making the converter completely controllable: automatic frequency tracking, ZVS and output voltage regulation at the desired value. In addition, we aim to reduce, or even eliminate, the remaining inductances to gain compactness and EMC. We will also explore galvanic insulation aspects.

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