Waveguide adressing architecture for retinal projection display integration

Published : 12 March 2020

CEA Tech Leti is involved for several years in the development of an original concept of optical device for Augmented Reality applications. This retinal projection display concept is based on advanced technological process: SiN waveguide photonics and holographic printers. The PhD is dedicated to the first technology and concern the design of addressing waveguide architecture. It will be done in continuity of a former ending PhD on the design of dense waveguide networks in the visible range. This network, that has to interact with pixelated holograms, has to be addressed by an array of optical emitters. The PhD student will simulate and develop the waveguide multi-level architecture needed to link the emitters (LED, VCESL, laser array) to the waveguides network. He will also follow the technological steps in the clean room and bring the device characterization. The Phd will end by the conception and realization of a prototype demonstrating the interaction between an optical emitter array and a digital hologram through a waveguide network.

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