Wet Electrostatic Precipitation to reduce urban air pollution

Published : 15 July 2019

Air pollution, especially urban air pollution, is a public health problem leading in France to nearly 50 000 deaths per year. In 2018 the World Health Organization reported that toxic levels of pollution leads annually to the early death of about 7 million people. The PhD subject deals with the design of a new urban clean-up system based on wet electrostatic precipitation. Air purifiers based on this principle are usually intended for an industrial use. The PhD will focus on a multiphysical numerical simulation of such a device, but adapted to an urban deployment, starting with the central and difficult problem posed by the stability of an air/water interface in an intense electric field. While being based on this simulation, the final challenge is to develop a numerical optimization of the system aiming at a significant reduction of its size and an appropriate integration of the toxic gas / airborne particles sensors developed at CEA GRENOBLE/Leti/DTBS. Experimental studies carried out at CEA will be guided by the obtained numerical results which will in return be validated.

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