Leti radio-frequency switches tested in space

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Publié le : 2 juin 2014

Testing components developed for space applications on an actual satellite in orbit simply makes sense. And that is exactly what Leti has been doing since February, when a dozen of its RF switches were sent into orbit on board the Athena-Fidus satellite. The initial test results will be transmitted to the French National Space Agency (CNES) in just a few days.
The switches are based on a MEMS technology—a world-first—that makes them ten times smaller than their mechanical equivalents. The switches were tested on the ground for a full year, but because the technology is such a huge leap forward, CNES required additional validation testing in space.
The test switches currently in orbit will continue to be monitored throughout the satellite’s fifteen-year mission. However, if the initial results are conclusive, they should be approved much, much sooner!

Contact: bruno.reig@cea.fr



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