3D sequential integration for high density sensing applications.

Publié le : 8 octobre 2019

Context :
3D sequential integration enables to achieve the highest 3D contact density between stacked levels compared to other existing techniques. However it requires to process stacked devices with a limited thermal budget. Leti institute is pioneer in this domain and has a unique expertise on low temperature devices for computing applications. This internship’s goal is to develop a new device adapted to sensing application. Gate stack is particularly critical and innovations are required to optimize its quality while staying compatible with 3D sequential integration thermal budget limitation.

Work description:
The student will contribute to this new low temperature device developement in order to  meet device specifications for sensing applications. This internship includes several parallel studies:  a Physical-chemical characterisation study enabling to select the best gate stack materials (using FTIR, XPS, TEM, ellipsometry, etc..), a morphological study in order to integrate the gate stack in a full transistor process flow and an electrical characterization study enabling to conclude on the gate stack final quality (gate stack reliability, carrier mobility, interface state densities, noise characterization). This internship enables to discover complex device fabrication in a 300mm industrial clean room,  advanced Physical-chemical and electrial characterization techniques.
If you are interested by the internship, please send your CV and a motivation letter to perrine.batude@cea.fr

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