Deposition process optimization of LiCoO2 thin films for integrated microbatteries on implantable medical sensor.

Publié le : 8 octobre 2019

Context :
Lithium thin films batteries are a new energy storage technology, miniaturized and safe, ideal for application in various domains such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or implantable medical devices. The positive electrode is magnetron sputtered LiCoO2 with relatively high thickness which can cause anomalies during the growth or the crystallization of the layer. These defects can be detrimental to the batteries performance or have a negative impact on the integration,  critical at such scales.

Description of work :
Firstly,  the work will focus on the characterization of the anomalies caused by high LiCoO2 thicknesses (typically 20 µm) – composition and crystallization  (quality and orientation) inhomogeneity, defectivity.  Then, the goal will be to establish a correlation between the deposition parameters and  the  evolution and  the severity of the defects as well as the impact on the microbatteries (performance and yield). Physico-chemical (Raman spectroscopy, XRD, SIMS or XPS) and electrical (EIS, voltammetry)  characterization techniques will be employed.

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