Phase-Change Memory for 28nm and beyond: New Frontiers and Innovations at the Limits of the Non-Volatile Memory Scaling Roadmap for the Automobile Microcontrollers of Tomorrow

Publié le : 8 octobre 2019

The near future is Internet of Things (IoT), with the need of a data storage infrastructure allowing Big Data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The Memory Laboratory in CEA-LETI is developing the next generations of Non-Volatile Memories, and among them Phase-Change Memory (PCM) is the most mature one. PCM demonstrated capability of high data retention performances thanks to recent developments in the framework of the collaboration between STMicroelectronics and CEA-LETI. However, in order to target next generation of PCM for beyond 28 nm technology node the reliability at extremely scaled dimensions should be evaluated and improved. This work will deal with material engineering, electrical characterization of state-of-the-art and revolutionary PCM devices at high operating temperature.

The work consists of :
– Make a bibliographic study, to establish the state of the art of PCM developments already done in the literature to target automotive applications.
– Analyze innovative phase-change materials families to target high temperature data retention, lower drift and low power consumption.
– Test the electrical performance of single cell devices integrating these new materials, and perform statistical analysis on advanced memory arrays up to Mb.
– Analyze deeply high temperature stability targeting a description of the main directions for the following of the engineering and optimization of the PCM technology.
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