RF Characterization and reliability of a power amplifier cell under large signal operation

Publié le : 8 octobre 2019

Context :
In an RF front end module, the power amplifier is the device seeing the harshest conditions with regard to reliability (temperature, voltage). The lifetime prediction of such devices needs appropriate testing and modeling as the current reliability models are solely based on DC measurements. An RF-based model is then mandatory to accurately estimate the real lifetime of the PA. To reach this goal, large signal stresses have to be conducted in order to correlate the performance degradation to the RF swing using the SPICE model.

Expected work :
The proposed internship will have three objectives. First,  the trainee will have to perform on-wafer characterization, ageing tests and analysis of PA cells under large signal operation and different stress conditions using a Load-Pull setup. Second, he/she will have to transfer the current test sequence code to Python language for a more stable test bench. Finally, he/she will complement the study by linking the large signal stress results with DC stresses coupled with S-parameters characterization in order to support the creation of the RF reliability model.

If you are interested by the internship, please send your CV and a motivation letter to alexis.divay@cea.fr

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