From 04 -03
to 04 -04

Grenoble-Karlsruhe Workshop


There exists many collaborations between teams in Grenoble and at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). With the aim of strengthening these bonds and hopefully to create new ones, we are organizing a workshop in Grenoble the third and fourth of April 2017. It will gather researchers sharing interests on the general topic of superconductivity (from basic science to direct applications).
From 04 -04
to 01 -04

Atomic Scale Processing Workshop


The aim of this one-day workshop is to give an overview of current topics in the field of atomic scale processing for a range of applications. It is open to scientists and technologists working in industry and academia, with an interest in recent progress plus future trends in research and development. Participation is free but registration is mandatory.
From 04 -17
to 04 -13


MINATEC / Phelma Polygone

2D@Grenoble is a one-day-event devoted to the exploration of 2D materials, including graphene and recently to a large extent transition metal dichalocogenides.
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