Parvis des sciences Science Fair

LMGP_15545714901_1ebe6339e1_oEach year during France’s National Science Week, the MINATEC esplanade hosts its own science fair, Le Parvis des Sciences, Science Fair. Engineering students and staff from labs CIME Nanotech, LMGP, IMEP, and LAHC; from Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school; from CEA institutes Leti and INAC; and professionals from the large European instruments ESRF, EMBL, and ILL come together to showcase their research through fun, educational activities designed to illustrate how their technologies work and highlight the research topics addressed by their respective organizations.


The program, which boasts around 30 activities, attracted more than 3,000 visitors in 2017. The interactive exhibits address a variety of topics from nanotechnology and microelectronics to energy and biology.


The multi-day event includes one day for high-school student groups and another, Saturday, for the general public and families of Grenoble region.


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