The MINATEC Showroom, a catalyst for business innovation

At the 400 m² MINATEC Showroom, industry professionals enjoy a first-hand view of the exciting systems and technologies being developed in MINATEC labs. Product developers and process engineers alike walk away from the Showroom full of ideas for groundbreaking new applications or enhancements to existing technology.

The MINATEC Showroom is where the R&D conducted at MINATEC labs comes to life. The showroom also gives potential industrial R&D partners concrete, easy-to-understand examples of how CEA Tech R&D services can enhance their products and services. The 150 demonstrators on display illustrate the results of research in areas like healthcare, home equipment, transportation, logistics, IT, energy, materials, and digital entertainment. New demonstrators are added regularly.

The Showroom hosts 550 tours each year, for a total of 3,500 individual visitors. Tours can take the form of a presentation of the demonstrators or, for industrial R&D professionals, a more focused creativity session, where the demonstrators are used to spark new ideas and generate new R&D topics.

A pop-up showroom was built in 2014, and makes regular appearances across France, wherever there are business that could benefit from MINATEC research. It is also used at trade fairs to promote the results of our R&D partnerships. In 2020 the campus’ technology showroom moved to a new location in the Y.SPOT building. Y.SPOT is the new CEA Grenoble Open Innovation Center.




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