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December 2022

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Micron-level accuracy in die-to-wafer bonding

CEA-Leti and equipment manufacturer SET have developed a new hybrid die-to-wafer bonding process that boasts micron-level accuracy. The solidity...

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Cybersecurity: Schneider Electric signs on for three more years

Schneider Electric and the CEA have extended their cybersecurity partnership (a joint lab with dedicated premises and equipment) for...

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On-chip photonic tweezers for bacteria capture and characterization

Researchers from Irig, LTM, and CEA-Leti have developed an almost-instant means of testing bacteria viability after a thermic shock....

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Advanced computing: Irig researcher honored for second time

Irig researcher Ivan Duchemin has earned recognition for his work as runner-up in the annual Atos-Joseph Fourier award for...

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Low-cost, global IoT connectivity now a reality

A CEA-Leti team has designed an ultra-low-power radiofrequency chip that connects fixed or mobile IoT devices to nanosatellites manufactured...

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A first step towards controlling skyrmion movement

Skyrmions are in the news again, thanks to an advance made by a Spintec team, in conjunction with two...

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Top news

Multi-project circuit prototyping at CIME Nanotech

CIME* Nanotech now offers multi-project circuit prototyping, which significantly lowers fabrication costs. This new service rounds out the organization’s circuit design and validation activities.

In multi-project circuit prototyping, a single silicon wafer is used to prototype circuits for up to thirty clients, who each purchase a tiny amount of space on the wafer. This approach dramatically lowers the cost of R&D, increasing accessibility for a wide range of clients.

CIME Nanotech began offering...

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Interview: Christine Chirat, Professor at Grenoble INP - Pagora, UGA and researcher at LGP2, is also the Associate Dean for Academics and Student Life at Grenoble INP - UGA,

Kaleidoscope Week: a new event at Grenoble INP - UGA

Edition of Kaleidoscope Week welcomed 1,600 students from Grenoble INP – UGA this October. Can you tell us more?

Kaleidoscope Week was an innovative educational event for students across all our schools. Classes were cancelled for the week so that students from the different schools could come together and explore 31 options on offer on seven main themes, from ethics to research to transitions. Each option included a variety of activities: serious...

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Electric vehicles: Valeo and CEA-Leti to bring power electronics to market

In September, Valeo and CEA-Leti signed a power electronics partnership. Their goal is to optimize the EV powertrain, which...

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Optoelectronics: goodbye cadmium, hello zinc oxide?

An Irig team, working alongside Polish researchers*, has successfully synthesized and characterized controlled-thickness, highly stable, nanometric zinc oxide (ZnO)...

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Vibration: new hope in the fight against cancer

Researchers from Irig and Inserm recently made a surprising and promising discovery: Cancerous cells die spontaneously (apoptosis) on contact...

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Fame Master’s program to include AI

The Erasmus Mundus Fame international master’s program, coordinated by Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA, has a new component and...

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Semiconductors: CEA ranks 4th among European patent filers

European patent applications are booming in the semiconductor industry, with an increase of 21% in 2021 alone. The biggest...

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Engineering student athlete races to an exciting ski season

Constance Lay, 22, hasn’t missed a gate yet! With two student championship titles to her name, the downhill skier...

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Hydrogen education gets a major boost

The hydrogen industry is growing rapidly, with 1,500 new positions to fill over the next three years in France’s...

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GIANT Orientation Day 2023: supporting new PhD and post-doc students

Save the date: Tuesday, February 14, 2023 is GIANT Orientation Day at Y.SPOT Partners. The event is intended to...

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Full house for Maison MINATEC!

After two years of purely digital or hybrid meetings, the Maison MINATEC conference center has played host to 150...

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Work starts on BHT3, Place Nelson-Mandela

Work has started on the third BHT (high-tech building), next to Y.SPOT Partners on the Presqu’île. Now that the...

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European University alliance: onward and upward for Unite!

Following a successful three-year pilot phase, the Unite! European University alliance has moved onto the next stage in its...

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CEA-Leti to put digital health in the spotlight at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

CEA-Leti will be exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show again this year, presenting three projects in the field of...

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ByCommute: from shipping containers to bike shelters

ByCommute was founded in April 2022 by two student entrepreneurs from Grenoble, including an engineering student from Phelma. The...

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Clinatec Endowment Fund raises awareness of biomedical research

What if light could be used as a drug? That’s the question asked on half of all Grenoble’s city...

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Wormsensing raises €3.5 M to fund pilot line

Wormsensing, a CEA-Leti startup founded in 2020, has recently raised €3.5 M in fresh capital. The company’s ultrathin piezoelectric...

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