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At MINATEC, students enjoy working side-by-side with researchers exploring fundamental and applied topics as well as production staff. This broad range of experiences brings with it a wealth of future career opportunities.

MINATEC also organizes a full calendar of networking events to ensure that students, researchers, and manufacturers interact. The campus’ Annual Meeting for Grad Students, online postings for internships, PhD, and post-doc positions, and weekly “MIDIS MINATEC” brown bag lunch talks are just a few of the regular happenings on campus.

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Phelma offers four international Master’s degree programs in functional materials, micro and nanotechnologies, telecommunications engineering, and materials for the nuclear industry. All courses are delivered in English. Students from a variety of nationalities enroll in these programs, which also involve coursework at other universities throughout Europe.
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MINATEC’s CIME Nanotech Platform offers 700 square meters of clean room space dedicated to student research. The facility is unique in Europe and groups of students and researchers travel to MINATEC from all over France to use it.

True to MINATEC’s multidisciplinary nature, students enrolled in business administration courses have opportunities to interact with researchers for a particularly enriching experience at the crossroads of science and business.
In addition to regular interaction with scientific researchers, business students also have special internship and concentration opportunities. The MINATEC/Grenoble Ecole de Management “Global Tech” program is just one example of the kind of cross-disciplinary opportunities available.

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