Technology transfer

At MINATEC, research forms the hub of an active network of services covering all aspects of new technology transfer to industry. This unique environment ensures that the most promising advances made by MINATEC researchers are used in a professional manner and that time-to-market is optimized.

Transferring technology to industry a top priority

At MINATEC, innovation-focused businesses team up with world-class scientists and engineers to carry out groundbreaking research. Such partnerships generally cover the following services:

  • Identifying the most relevant lab for each research topic
  • Setting up a joint project team made up of MINATEC researchers and the company’s own employees
  • Project management as far into the project as the company wishes (e.g., until the demonstrator, prototyping, or pilot run phase)
  • Turnkey facilities at the BHT—including clean rooms, labs, and office space—all “right-sized” for the project


MINATEC provides support in the areas of technology marketing, intellectual property, and business creation up to the financing phase. MINATEC support services are backed by a portfolio of more than 3,200 families of patents that is growing by around 350 new patents each year.

This broad slate of services enables MINATEC to work with around 200 different companies each year.  Several start-ups are created  every years, developping MINATEC’s labs’ technologies.


Battery packs / battery management systems


ISKN / The Slate®

Avalun / the Labpad®

Isorg / Organic and Printed Electronics devices

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