Wormsensing raises €3.5 M to fund pilot line

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Published : 6 December 2022

Wormsensing, a CEA-Leti startup founded in 2020, has recently raised €3.5 M in fresh capital. The company’s ultrathin piezoelectric vibration sensors, designed to measure warping, can be installed on any component or surface in mere minutes. The sensitivity level of the sensors is one thousand times that of standard strain gauges, for one-tenth of the standard measurement cost.
Wormsensing is moving from its previous base at MINATEC to its own location in the greater Grenoble area and will build a pilot line to produce higher product volumes. The company intends to accelerate business development in new markets, such as industrial instrumentation and maintenance, onboard electronics for the automotive industry, and digital health. Wormsensing will continue to collaborate with CEA-Leti on R&D activities via their joint laboratory.

Contact: debora.gallee@wormsensing.com

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