The HLF: a world-class network of innovation ecosystems

The High Level Forum (HLF) is an ecosystem network supported by GIANT that brings together an international community of leaders in the world of innovation: decision-makers from research and industry, higher education, businesses and public authorities, and political figures from around the world. HLF members are heavily involved in managing or promoting innovation within their regional ecosystem.


The main objective of the High Level Forum is to encourage collaboration between different ecosystems around the world.

  • Sharing of policies, strategies and experiences about innovation management and promotion of the various campuses.
  • Enhance collaboration between innovation ecosystems around the world to lead to potential partnerships
  • Develop joint initiatives to maximise the economic and social benefits of the innovation programs of the partner campuses.


To achieve this objective, the HLF office organises annual events during which community members meet and exchange on their work/projects.

  • HLF Connect, an event highlighting young start-ups and the results of work groups led by international innovation leaders.
  • HLF Annual Summit, an event recognised as a high-level international summit with cutting-edge themes that are renewed every year.

Work is also carried out throughout the year on social networks to highlight the ecosystems, start-ups and event speakers.


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