Our approach

MINATEC’s research addresses vital issues in the fields of healthcare, energy, and communication in order to find solutions to the unprecedented economic, technological, and environmental challenges facing modern society.

To help achieve these important objectives, we have implemented an Innovation & Societystrategy built on three main pillars:

  • An Open Innovation Program that promotes a multi-faceted approach to innovation incorporating technological, industrial, societal, cultural, and design considerations
  • An Atelier Arts-Sciences studio that combines research, education, and community outreach through innovative projects at the crossroads of technology and the creative arts
  • A Community Outreach program offering a broad range of activities including a lecture series, a Web 2.0 portal, and the MINATEC Visitors Center—all in association with our science education and innovation partners

We also host a series of educational programs for budding innovators through our Nano@school program run in conjunction with the local school board, local government agencies, and the French National Education System’s community of educators.

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