A multi-faceted approach to innovation

At MINATEC, we promote a multi-faceted approach to innovation that takes into account not only scientific and technological, but also industrial, societal, cultural, and design-related factors.

We have joined forces with the following organizations to implement this approach, spark innovation, and speed the new technology development process.

The MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory is an innovation platform bringing scientists, engineers, and designers together with business leaders, economists, and social scientists.

CEA-Leti has a user-centered innovation lab, supports innovation through new approaches to creative thinking, user-centric design, and rapid prototyping.

Industrial design school ENSCI teaches students to use existing technology “bricks” to design novel objects and systems.

The Atelier Arts-Sciences provides a forum for artists and researchers to work together on projects involving technological innovation, artistic creation, and community outreach.

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