The Atelier Arts-Sciences, at the crossroads of technological innovation, societal innovation, scientific research, and the arts, provides a forum for artists and researchers to work together through artist-in-residence programs.

The Atelier Arts-Sciences was set up in 2007 through a joint initiative by CEA-LETI and theHexagone theater just outside of Grenoble in Meylan.
The Atelier is a member of the Meridien–Universcience society for the arts and the sciences and receives funding from the European Union Regional Development Fund.


  • Incorporate new technology into the arts
  • Innovate to develop new technologies and fuel the creativity of engineers and scientists
  • Improve the working methods of both artists and scientists
  • Explore new applications
  • Champion the role of technology in modern society and reach out to society through the creative arts



Atelier Arts-Sciences** runs the EXPERIMENTA* fair every two years. Open to the general public, the event is a fusion of the arts, sciences, and technology. EXPERIMENTA, LE SALON extends the experience with around 30 installations, performances, workshops, readings, and theatrical escapades designed to immerse visitors in the imaginations of the artists and scientists who collaborated to create the different works. The growing range of technologies explored spans energy, optics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and more.

EXPERIMENTA, LE SALON also highlights the latest research from across Europe. The most recent edition of the event included ten installations that were part of two EU R&D projects (European ARTificial Intelligence Lab financed by Creative Europe and PRESTIGE, backed by H2020 (Grant Agreement 761112).

This one-of-a-kind exhibit is rounded out by panel talks addressing today’s technological and societal issues. The event was created in 2010 and is open to the general public and to professionals.  The most recent edition of EXPERIMENTA, LE SALON was held at MINATEC in February 2020, and  attracted more than 7,000 visitors. The broader Biennale Arts-Sciences brought in 14,000 people. This groundbreaking work at the crossroads of the arts and the sciences fuels new forms of innovation. The uniquely futuristic outlook expressed in the works produced is appealing to a rapidly-growing audience.

The 2020 edition was particularly memorable, with immersive installations leveraging virtual reality, moving exhibits, and interactive works visitors could touch and manipulate.

Be curious and attentive !


*Ten installations presented as part of two EU projects* interrogated the topic of artificial intelligence; the results of nine Atelier Arts-Sciences** residencies were also presented.

**Atelier Arts-Sciences is a joint research and artistic and scientific residency program by l’Hexagone, a center for the performing arts, and the CEA.  To date, 50 residences have been completed by 70 artists and 250 scientists.

MINATEC is also active in the arts and sciences through:

The Master’s in the Arts, Sciences, and Technologies program. Offered by Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school, this innovative program focuses on engineering for music and the visual arts.

ARC-Nucléart, a regional archeological artifact conservation and restoration workshop. Read the ARC-Nucléart Activity Report (in French).

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