From 05 -31
to 05 -31

“Photovoltaics: thin layers and advanced concepts” Day

CNRS Polygone scientifique

“Photovoltaics: thin layers and advanced concepts” This day-long event is open to all (and especially PhDs and post-docs) and is organized by the LANEF laboratory of excellence. Registration required.
From 06 -19
to 06 -23

SAMSON School 2017


SAMSON School 2017 will take place next to Lyon, France's third largest city, from June 19 to June 23, 2017. There, you will learn how to use SAMSON, the software platform for computational nanoscience, and SAMSON Elements (modules for SAMSON), as well as how to develop your own SAMSON Element
From 06 -22
to 06 -22

French American Workshop 2017 - 6th edition


This scientific event, supported by the US Consulate in Lyon, the French Embassy in Washington, and the Nanosciences Foundation, gathers academics, scientists and industry representatives. We aim at developing the French-American network around opportunities in the fields of research and industry. The main theme of these two days will be the franco-american cooperation and research experience opportunities, especially at the doctoral level.
From 06 -28
to 06 -29

Leti Innovation Days


Leti Innovation Days, “Miniaturization technologies: innovations and roadmaps driven by Leti.” This event, for professionals from industry, coincides with Leti’s 50th anniversary. June 28 and 29, Maison MINATEC
  • On June 28, renowned Leti and international keynote speakers – Intel, Renault, ST Microelectronics, Sanofi Pasteur, Globalfoundries, Engie, Qualcomm, Valeo and so on– will address healthcare, environmental and digital challenges leveraging microelectronics innovation. Leti will wrap up this opening day with a Gala dinner, celebrating its 50th anniversary.
  • On June 29, an immersive exhibition packed with innovative demos, roadmaps and applications addressing the three above challenges will offer new routes for innovation. Start-ups and partners corners, and discussion panels will propel visitors into a future that Leti draws for and with its partners.
From 07 -03
to 07 -07

InMRAM Summer School


Introductory course on Magnetic Random Access Memory run by SPINTEC.
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