Last year in review

December 2016

Grenoble reaches out to Taiwan and South Korea

Leti recently signed two new partnership agreements with research institutes in Asia, following the partnership with Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute (SITRI) signed last spring.
The first is with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), a multidisciplinary research institute, and covers early-stage research on monolithic 3D technology, neuromorphic architectures, 3D non-volatile memory, and other topics. The partnership anchors a preexisting relationship between Leti and KIST.
The second agreement, with the Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan, establishes a new relationship. III is tasked with making new technologies available to businesses, most notably to help them prepare for a post-Moore’s-law future. Joint R&D will focus on IoT and 5G.


October 2016

Phelma auditorium and extension now an integral part of MINATEC

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school cut the ribbon on two new buildings—an auditorium and an extension—in June. Used from the start of the new academic year, at Sustainable Mobility Days, and at the Parvis des Sciences science fair, it is safe to say that the new facilities are now an integral part of the MINATEC campus. The 500-seat auditorium hosts classes and events; two modular meeting rooms next to the auditorium can hold up to 100 people each.
The extension is home to both lecture and lab classes. Study pods give students a place to work in small groups. The student union is also there, with recreational spaces (pool table and foosball), and student club offices. The sixth floor still has vacant offices (next to INP SA’s offices) for any interested entrepreneurs!

MINATEC’s new website on line

MINATEC’s website has been completely overhauled. The responsive web design displays correctly on all devices. The look and feel is lighter and more modern. The new homepage uses eye-catching photography to make finding the right information easy in just one click: from the latest news and events, to PhD, post-doc, and internship opportunities, to the services offered by Maison MINATEC.
MINATEC videos are now available on the MINATEC YouTube channel, which has replaced the former site. YouTube offers all of the features of today’s social networks (“likes,” comments) and helps boost SEO.

Maison MINATEC expands capacity

The 450 sq. m Maison MINATEC extension—now open for business—brings the event facility’s total surface area to 1,350 sq. m. and boosts its capacity from 600 to 1,200 people. In 2015 the facility hosted 120 events and received nearly 40,000 visitors, figures that are expected to rise in the short term.
With modular event spaces of various sizes that can be set up to accommodate exhibit booths, lectures, buffets, sit-down meals, and more, Maison MINATEC’s service lineup has also expanded. The facility can now host events from a meeting with just a few people to conferences with more than a thousand attendees. The upcoming Parvis des Sciences-Experimenta science fair and exhibit will be held at the expanded Maison MINATEC on October 6–8, the perfect occasion to check out the new spaces!


June 2016

MINATEC strengthens ties with Shanghai’s Sitri institute

Shanghai’s Sitri research institute and MINATEC have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a framework for ongoing talks that should result in a partnership agreement. Sitri, which specializes in More than Moore solutions, would like to intensify its activities in the field of IoT, focusing on topics like MEMS and sensors, RF technologies for 5G, RF on SOI, ultra-low-power communications, and FDSOI technologies.
If the potential partners finalize an agreement, it would be signed with Leti and would generate direct benefits for Grenoble’s high-tech ecosystem. It would also strengthen Sitri’s relationship with Soitec, which began in 2014 with an RF-SOI agreement, and would support Sitri’s current talks with STMicroelectronics. Finally, an agreement would accelerate the adoption by Chinese manufacturers of FDSOI technologies, which originated mainly in Grenoble.

Midis MINATEC brown-bag lunch talks tally up more than 80,000 attendees

MINATEC’s weekly brown-bag lunch talks are more popular than ever! Since 2008, the talks have brought in more than 80,000 attendees, with an average of 270 people each week over the past three years. The 300th Midi MINATEC will be held in September. The talks are free of charge and sandwiches are on the house. Attendees are simply required to register.
The best-loved topics include new energy technologies and microelectronics, as evidenced by the record attendance at a talk on “Silicon, a familiar yet little-known material.” More open topics, like “The relationship between progress and innovation,” and guest lectures by foreign scientists like Amy Wagoner Johnson or Michel W. Barsoum or high-school students have also been a big draw in recent months.


April 2016

Partnership: MINATEC goes to Argentina

MINATEC and Argentina’s Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial (INTI) signed a partnership agreement on February 26 in Buenos Aires. INTI, which has several technical centers across the country, offers R&D and technological support services to businesses. It also provides both educational programs and certification services. The partnership will help INTI acquire the know-how it needs to revitalize Argentina’s manufacturing economy by facilitating the creation of micro and nanotechnology startups. Additional agreements will soon be signed specifying MINATEC’s contributions in areas like training, components, and microsystems design and prototyping. MINATEC-affiliated organizations, including Leti and CIME Nanotech, will also help bring INTI new skills and methods.


February 2016

CCL building completed ten weeks ahead of schedule

Construction on MINATEC’s new CCL (software design center) building was completed in January 2016—less than a year after breaking ground and an impressive ten weeks ahead of schedule. The building meets France’s stringent thermal efficiency regulations and offers 2,900 sq. m of floor space on four levels. The ground floor will be used exclusively for events managed by Maison MINATEC; the offices and shared workspaces are on the upper floors. Around 140 employees will soon be moving in to the new building.
INRIA will occupy the first and second floors: the move will bolster cooperation on software between INRIA and the CEA. The third floor will be home to Leti’s Design Architectures and Embedded Software Division (DACLE). The CCL building will serve as a hub for the hardware-software ecosystem, from design through to integration, generating synergies and offering customers a single point of contact.


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