MINATEC encourages and promotes the creation of new businesses

New business creation is one of MINATEC partners’ top priorities. New businesses play a crucial role in driving regional and national economic development and creating jobs.

MINATEC provides valuable support to outside businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, delivering the differentiating technologies they need to stand out from competitors and grow.

The entire MINATEC community encourages new business creation and supports start-ups in their growth strategies. In 2019, CEA startups raised €101.4 million in capital. Start-ups are crucial to economic development and direct and indirect job creation at the local and national levels. These growing companies created 2,700 jobs.

MINATEC also works closely with a network of local partners to identify opportunities for start-ups and help them grow. These include business incubator, and infrastructures for the post-incubation phase and for investment.

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