Relocation package for foreign graduate students

MINATEC has partnered with a professional student relocation services company to develop a complete relocation package to help foreign graduate and post-doc students and guest researchers settle in upon their arrival in Grenoble. The package includes the following services:
  • Pickup service upon arriving in Grenoble
  • Residency permit applications
  • Housing search and related formalities (leases, security deposits)
  • Utilities and other services (electricity, gas, phone, internet)
  • Bank accounts
  • Medical and other insurance
  • Family and housing benefit applications
  • Introduction to sports, entertainment, and cultural activities in Grenoble in cooperation with the Grenoble University Student Union
  • If needed, orientation for family members (school registration)

Laboratories hosting foreign researchers finance these services and orient their researchers to MINATEC’s scientific and administrative operations.

Download the home form and return it to :

Package GIANT 2019-2020 – LC Mobility


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