Y.SPOT: An open innovation center dedicated to speeding up technology transfer

A new open innovation center was recently built on the MINATEC campus. Y.SPOT Labs brings the power of collective intelligence to companies of all sizes and from all industries. The 3,300 square meter facility opened its doors in January 2020. Everything about the new building is designed to promote creativity and idea generation.


Y.SPOT Labs offers:

  • Modular workspaces where companies can bring their innovation projects to life
  • A rapid prototyping workshop for testing new concepts
  • A 600 sq. m innovation showroom showcasing the know-how available from the CEA and its partners
  • Event spaces to promote new approaches to innovation
  • Close ties to CEA R&D labs and their resources


Y.SPOT’s multidisciplinary team made up of scientists, designers, artists, and engineers led by a project manager brings businesses custom support:

  • Designing innovative products
  • Removing risk from new R&D projects
  • Identifying new differentiators
  • Inventing new business models
  • Leveraging disruptive innovations to navigate strategic business transformations
  • Creating value for society


Starting in 2022, companies that would like to benefit from Y.SPOT’s open innovation model will be eligible to move into Y.SPOT Partners, 10,000 sq. m building outside the CEA campus not yet built.


Y.SPOT’s ambition is to bring users’ ideas from concept to prototype in 18 months.

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