Advanced computing: Irig researcher honored for second time

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Published : 5 December 2022

Irig researcher Ivan Duchemin has earned recognition for his work as runner-up in the annual Atos-Joseph Fourier award for advanced computing and artificial intelligence. Duchemin won a previous award for his expertise in high-performance computing in 2014.

Duchemin developed ab initio algorithms to simulate and characterize unique defects in boron nitride flakes of over one thousand atoms in size. These defects are significant as potential single-photon emitters. His new, very-low-power BEDEFT code, parallelizable across thousands of cores, is an important step towards simulating quantum properties in increasingly realistic systems.

The Atos-Joseph Fourier second prize comes with 200,000 GPU hours on the Genci* supercomputers.

*A national supercomputer infrastructure in France


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