Electric vehicles: Valeo and CEA-Leti to bring power electronics to market

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Published : 5 December 2022

In September, Valeo and CEA-Leti signed a power electronics partnership. Their goal is to optimize the EV powertrain, which encompasses the battery, motor, wheels, and a variety of components in between. The partners’ aim is to improve energy yields while reducing size, weight, and cost. Further priorities include reliability improvements and eco-design: When you add up driving time, charging, and discharging into a smartgrid, electric vehicles run for tens of thousands of hours during their useful life.

Valeo and CEA-Leti will work with new wide-bandgap (SiC or GaN) components to create innovative sub-systems. A digital twin of the power converter is also planned. Staff exchanges between partners’ organizations are also planned.

Contact: philippe.despesse@cea.fr

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