Interview: Christine Chirat, Professor at Grenoble INP – Pagora, UGA and researcher at LGP2, is also the Associate Dean for Academics and Student Life at Grenoble INP – UGA

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Published : 6 December 2022

Kaleidoscope Week: a new event at Grenoble INP - UGA

Edition of Kaleidoscope Week welcomed 1,600 students from Grenoble INP – UGA this October. Can you tell us more?

Kaleidoscope Week was an innovative educational event for students across all our schools. Classes were cancelled for the week so that students from the different schools could come together and explore 31 options on offer on seven main themes, from ethics to research to transitions. Each option included a variety of activities: serious games, lectures, creative workshops, lab visits, and more. All students were required to attend and hand in an individual written report.

What was the purpose of the project?
First and foremost, we wanted to highlight the wealth and diversity of engineering and business expertise at our schools and encourage students to broaden their horizons by discovering new disciplines and practices. We also wanted the students to improve on marketable skills, such as the ability to interact easily with people from a variety of professional backgrounds, or expertise in sustainable development practices. Finally, the event strengthened connections between all eight schools* as we worked together to build this ambitious project from the ground up.

Will this be an annual event?
We hope so! Kaleidoscope Week was a huge success, with students and teaching and research faculty all giving their best. For the 2023 edition, we want to improve on certain organizational aspects, and focus on increasing student diversity within the different options.

* Grenoble IAE and Polytech Grenoble joined Grenoble INP – UGA in 2020, bringing the total number of schools from six up to eight.


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